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When using the Mobile Application, please be sure to use Wolverine’s Portal ID: 1110201

Helpful Hints

    • Once the login process is completed, please take advantage of using the “Download” feature, which allows you to download new tasks without full synchronization.


    • When forms are submitted, you may click the “Upload” button to send data back to the system; this may be helpful when your internet connection is initially unstable and allows you to upload at a later time.


    • When checking lock box code, check last 4 digits of the loan first, if that doesn’t work, check the first 4 as sometimes the Realtors change it.


  • The current application places tasks based on date of creation with newer tasks appear at the top of the screen while older tasks are kept below. It is possible to filter tasks by pressing the corresponding Filter button which is located at the bottom of Tasks tab in the app. Please see the example below:

You can find the detailed description of Filter button functionality in this help article: