Work Flow Manager

The Wolverine WorkFlow Manager is a sophisticated tracking system that was developed to assist our clients in the following areas:

  • Bringing property issues that may cause detrimental consequences in the default process to the forefront
  • Directing these issues to the individual assigned to the loan
  • Resolving the issue in a manner consistent with regulations pertaining to the default process
  • Complete Property History can be viewed on-line

The WorkFlow Manager operates by generating ALERTS based upon specific conditions found at a given property. An example of an ALERT would be “Property Found First Time Vacant”. These ALERTS are automatically emailed to the individual in your organization assigned to that particular loan.

This email ALERT will contain the loan number and address of the property, a description of the problem that caused the ALERT, and a link to the WorkFlow Manager system which will enable the individual to address the problem in a timely fashion. When an Action is chosen, the system will verify and display the Lender Action taken. The WOLV online system will be updated reflecting the Action when the actual Wolverine order is sent to the field.