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Our Field Contractor Network

Many of the management level staff at Wolverine either have extensive experience in field services or still currently work inspection and property preservation engagements. Our owner actively worked field services in the Michigan region for nearly 20 years. It is easy to understand why Wolverine has gained a reputation in the industry as a “field forward” organization. We recognize that ultimately the talent and diligence of the contractor servicing your property is going to be the most important aspect of the overall quality of the service we deliver to our clients.

Hiring requirements for our Field contractors include:

  • Verification of qualifications and references provided on our Contractor Application
  • Verification of Licenses, where applicable
  • Verification of Insurances and Organization Status
  • Initial acceptance of various indemnification, payment, lien restriction, and performance standards that will be made part of the Vendor Agreement.
  • Coverage map with capacity limitations for each region
  • Verification of minimum technology requirements (hand-held document, photo device and upload capabilities from site, GPS check in/Check out and texting capabilities from site.
  • Passing grade for standardized quiz of random industry related questions
  • Background check using our third party partner, Aspen Grove
  • Qualifying grade from our Vendor Management Team during our 90 day probationary period in which we assign, monitor and quality assure a controlled sample of assignments to verify performance.

Wolverine maintains a strong reputation in the field services industry.  As described previously in this response, the company was built “field forward” and we pay our vendors a higher percentage of the fee than most if not all other national companies.  We are committed to paying our contractors executing the requirements of this RFP no less than 80% of the gross price of the service.  We’ve been able to make this a part of our business model for at least two reasons:

  1. We operate efficiently and allow for a greater percentage of the fee to be retained by our resources in the field.
  2. We attract and retain the very best contractors (that all other Nationals are vying for) by ensuring a fair pay for the valuable services they provide.

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