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Snow and Winterization Services

Wolverine has a snow removal solution for you.

Utilizing the latest in weather technology, we acquire and forecast accurate snow accumulation results to efficiently order snow removals based on our client’s request and instruction. We also have the ability to work with our contractors real time in the field to validate weather conditions. This saves time and cuts down on order to results time.

Wolverine maintains all walkways and driveways during the winter to assure safe access. Snow accumulation of three inches or higher is removed per investor guidelines, and surfaces are salted to prevent ice build-ups.

Have you winterized your properties yet?

Vacant properties in cold climates are vulnerable to costly and serious damages like frozen and burst water lines. We winterize all plumbing fixtures, inside and outside a home, including sinks and toilets, outdoor spigots, and dry, steam and radiant heat systems.

Our contractors drain all water lines and use air compressors to assure that all water is blown out of the lines. Contractors also drain hot water tanks and pressure-test the system for possible leaks. Toilets are cleaned and flushed, and antifreeze is added to bowls and tanks. Antifreeze is poured into sink drains and traps. Stickers are applied to all winterized fixtures noting the date of winterization, providing Wolverine contact information, and advising that the fixtures cannot function without a proper de-winterization.

Whenever possible, utilities at a vacant property will be turned off. If a sump pump is present, electricity will remain on. All winterization services are supported with written and photo documentation and submitted to the client for review.

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