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Property Inspections

Wolverine performs a wide variety of property inspections throughout the United States. We offer services designed for Collection, Loss Mitigation, Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Insurance and REO departments. Our Field Representatives perform all inspections within the constraints and limits set forth by the requisite inspection (e.g. bankruptcy, or delinquent interview) and our computerized tracking system (Oasis System) allows us to monitor the inspection status and provide timely, accurate results.

Wolverine currently accepts and returns inspections from various software providers including Black Knight, Fidelity, and FiServ , as well as custom proprietary systems and mobile applications EZ Inspections and InspectorAde. Detailed Inspection Results Recap reports are provided on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, or on demand at our customer’s request.  The web-based Haven monitoring system allows for real-time access to all property information.


Property Condition and Occupancy (Exterior)


– Direct visual of the property to determine condition and occupancy status


Property Condition (Interior)


– Assessment of overall condition of the property, interior and exterior, with extensive photos.


Occupancy Determination


– Determine who is occupying the property, if anyone.  Full names and contact information will be provided with the inspection results.


Borrower Interview


– Make direct contact with the borrower and obtain reason for the delinquency and updated contact information.


Appraisal Inspections


– Provide photographs and documentation of property site influences, exterior condition, and neighborhood effect.


REO Inspection


– Visual assessment of the REO property to determine condition and marketability.


Disaster Inspection


– Determine the condition of the property after a natural disaster.


Insurance Loss Inspection


– Provide the inspector’s opinion of the type and dollar amount of damage.


Fannie Mae Form #30


– Provide the needed property information for completion of the Fannie Mae Form #30.


Bankruptcy Inspection


– Occupancy and conditions of the property are determined with strict instructions NOT TO CONTACT THE OCCUPANTS.


Foreclosure Inspection


– Determine the condition and occupancy status of the property.   Damage, secured or not secured, and utility status are reported.


Sale Date Inspection

– Conducted on a specific date (foreclosure sale date) to determine if eviction is required.


Rush Inspection


– Completed within 24 to 72 hours, depending on the requirements.


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