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Loss Draft Inspection Updates

Wolverine is excited to introduce the ability to text your Loss Draft Inspection updates and notes directly to us. Now you can send us alerts from your phone wherever you are at. Please see below and let your field staff know so they can take advantage of this as well. We have provided examples for you to follow. Please follow the examples below as this will allow our system to automatically update your message. The job-id is our serial number we provide as part of every order. This number identifies each order as unique. This is available 24/7 for your use.

Wolverine Text Number (248) 206-5160

Homeowner Contact Attempt (Call to make appointment attempts)
LEM Job-id Contact Attempt message – Leave a space in between each entry
LEM 9999999 Left Message No Answer

Inspection Appointment Set (Contact made and appointment confirmed)
APT Job-id Date Apt Time Range – Leave a space in between each entry
APT 9999999 06/01/19 2-4pm

This is available 24/7 for your use.

Thank You,
Wolverine Real Estate Service


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