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The only stupid question is the one not asked.
Latin Proverb


Dear Inspectors,

Welcome to the first Wolverine Monthly Newsletter. I have started this newsletter to bring you the news of the month, trending issues, a schedule of upcoming training events, Q and A, and a vehicle to get you in touch with the Wolverine team member that can best help you with any issue. It is a fact that if you network with your peers, and have access to the people that can best assist you, we will all be more successful.

It is important that you have access to us when you need it. Included in the newsletter will be a link to our IT manager David Christie, our inspection manager Jen Smith, and to her assistant manager Tina Williams. They have all done extensive office and field training with FNMA, and World App. They have the most knowledge to assist you in completing your inspections while in the field. We want to make the managers accessible to you because of their knowledge, and their ability to make quick decisions. We do not want you to spend more time on these than is required to do them well the first time.

We have found that sub vendors, those of you actually doing the inspections, benefit the most from both the phone and field training. Training provided to the Master Vendors is not always being communicated to the inspectors. During recent field training, we discovered many inspectors questions and were uncertain about many items we want them looking for. Some seemed to have no training other than from prior mistakes or return trips they made for missing information and photos. They have been very thankful for the training because they are able to complete the inspections in a more efficient manner.

Wolverine will continue to offer WebEx Screen share training once a week for new inspectors, inspectors that will be required to attend due to flawed results or false emergencies, sub vendors, and any inspector that has questions, or seeks more training. With prior notice from you, we can arrange to have a Fannie Mae representative attend the training sessions.

Wolverine and our Fannie Mae representative have done field training in a few areas, and will be in Missouri next month. In those situations the inspectors learned things that make their tasks quicker, while providing better results. They learn tricks about the app and ways to avoid return trips to a property for missed items and photos. Most impressive to me all the inspectors felt enlightened, energized, had a new zeal for the project, and a feeling of comradery after meeting the other inspectors. They shared stories with each other and compared issues they’ve had in common and how they learned to resolve them. I would like to think they knew that Wolverine and FNMA were dedicated to their success as well.

Wolverine and Fannie Mae take the time, and resources to make these trips because these inspections are different from most that you do. I like to refer to these inspections as “The Good Neighbor Inspections” because we are there to make sure the property is as nice from the exterior, or nicer than the neighborhood standard, and that the interior is clean and presentable for market. Most importantly we want to make sure that the property is safe for any member of the public to enter. That includes you.

Your next opportunity to join a WebEx screen share training session will be July 6, 2018. I will make sure that all of you receive an invitation to the ongoing sessions. As we schedule more field training I will post them on the newsletter and reach out to those inspectors in those areas. We will be in Missouri the week of July ninth.

Thank you all for your valued service and your conscientious work.
Mark –